Two Worlds

Two worlds? Fuck you.
They should not be separate, apart.
You’re preaching hate.
Love is love, it’s all heart.

We are all together on this planet,
all humans; all people.
No better than the other,
no rivalry, we’re equal.

They say God is love, right?
An unlimited, unconditional love? Unconditional.
So why do we, in His name, bully, hurt, punish
those who aren’t ‘traditional’?!

We’ve only got one life
( they say anyway).
So, why do we waste it, waste our time on Earth,
hating those who are different, who are gay?

If we want to have a fulfilling life,
achieve success, receive affection,
we need to love our peers, family, friends, colleagues;
we need to make a connection.

It’s important, connecting with others.
It helps us evolve, grow, understand the world more.
An eye for an eye will only make the world blind.
Fighting is futile: ‘Make love, not war’.


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