Life Bucket List

This is my ongoing bucket list: all the things I hope to accomplish in my life. Who knows if I will do all of these? Possibly not. But God-willing I have a long life and so can achieve as many as possible. Dream big, kids.

❊ Road trip around Northern America.

❊ Backpack around Europe.

❊ Learn to sail.

❊ Learn to ice-skate.

❊ Live in Denmark.

❊ Live in Ireland.

❊ Visit Scandinavia: Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway.

❊ Visit Scotland.

❊ Visit Iceland.

❊ Own a Tiny House.

❊ Become a certified scuba-diver.

❊ Learn to skateboard.

❊ Learn to surf.

❊ Compete in a Ceroc, hip hop, and (as an adult) Irish dancing competition.

❊ See the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis (Northern and Southern Lights).

❊ Learn more languages: Spanish, Danish, French, Italian.

❊ Own a pick-up truck.

❊ Learn to horse-ride.

❊ Go skydiving.

❊ Learn to juggle.

❊ Learn to handstand and cartwheel.

❊ Publish a book.

❊ Attend a rodeo.

❊ Attend a barn dance.


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