Poetry Prompts

Man, I’ve just realised how much I love making lists – ha! It makes me feel organised and like I’ve got my life in order. Anyway, I love writing poetry but sometimes have trouble thinking what to talk about, so if you have the same problem here are a few prompts that may help get you going:

❊ Origin – who are you? Where are you from?

❊ Green – write about something green, whether it’s an emotion you feel, an object or a place you associate with the colour.

❊ Hierarchy.

❊ Lost and found.

❊ Polar opposites.

❊ Love and hate.

❊ Space.

❊ Women.

❊ Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter.

❊ Supernatural.

❊ Myths and fairy tales.

❊ Zoo – wild people, animals.

❊ Heart/mind.

❊ Masks – hidden identity? Hidden emotions? A safe space?

❊ Death.

❊ Soul.

❊ Anonymity.

❊ Country/city.

❊ X-ray.

❊ Muse.


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