Summer Bucket List

I have a blog post up already on a bucket list for my life but the goals written within are rather broad and large goals. I want to write a bucket list just for this summer: things to actively pursue over the next couple of months before the autumn term at University starts again and things get busy and crazy.

Here we go – maybe some of these goals will inspire you to do something new in these coming warm months.

❊ Make fruity ice-lollies.

❊ Go to a festival.

❊ Have a movie marathon.

❊ Have a sleepover.

❊ Explore a whole new city for the day.

❊ Take a spontaneous train journey and hop off at a random station that takes my fancy.

❊ Take part in the ‘Positive Post-It’ campaign and leave positive and inspiring messages in random places.

❊ Have a picnic.

❊ Go horse-riding.

❊ Start reading Harry Potter.

❊ Write a poem.

❊ Write a blog post about finishing my first year of University.

❊ Bake a dessert.

❊ Decorate my new bedroom at University.

❊ Create a piece of art.

❊ Plan a solo trip to a different country.

❊ Try Japanese food.

❊ Volunteer at an animal shelter.

❊ Write a short story.

❊ Visit a National Trust site.

❊ Try therapy.

❊ Have a BBQ.

❊ Have a bonfire.

❊ Sleep under the stars on the beach.

❊ Go camping.

❊ Go to the cinema solo.

❊ Go to a bar solo.

❊ Go sailing.

❊ Watch Game of Thrones.

❊ Stay sober over summer.

❊ Tie-dye something.

❊ Learn to code.

❊ Learn to drive.

❊ Start journalling and organise my diary.

❊ Have a proper English afternoon tea.

❊ Sing at a karaoke.

❊ Dye my hair.

❊ Make my own cocktails.

❊ Learn Spanish.

❊ Start running/biking every day.

❊ Be a total tourist in London again.


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