Two Worlds

Two worlds? Fuck you. They should not be separate, apart. You're preaching hate, mate. Love is love, it's all heart. We are all on this earth, all humans; all people. No better than the other, no rivalry, we're equal. They say God is love, right? An unlimited, unconditional love? Unconditional. So why do we, in His … Continue reading Two Worlds


Head in the clouds or feet on the ground?

Head in the clouds or feet on the ground? The former: cloud nine; day-dreamer; let go of worry, doubt, fear; clear all thoughts; the wind, the breeze allow the mind to wander, wonder, feel, sense; sky-high birds singing; tweeting from trees. The latter: down-to-earth; grounded; absorb knowledge; open, easy to express emotion, devotion, connection, affection; learn new … Continue reading Head in the clouds or feet on the ground?