Stillness, calmness

Sunshine beaming, grasses green, so I'm still breathing. I'm still healing slowly, in this topsy-turvy, turbulent world. I'm still a girl, living and learning, yearning for more. In a state of unknowing but always growing, gradually uncurling, unfurling, breaking open my chrysalis, to emerge fully-formed; a lead in my own life instead of a witness. … Continue reading Stillness, calmness


Head in the clouds or feet on the ground?

Head in the clouds or feet on the ground? The former: cloud nine; day-dreamer; let go of worry, doubt, and fear; clear all thoughts; the wind, the breeze, sky-high birds singing, tweeting from trees allow the mind to wander, wonder, sense, feel; give yourself to the state of surreal. The latter: down-to-earth; grounded; acquire new skills; be … Continue reading Head in the clouds or feet on the ground?